Acta Biologica Sibirica 7: 21-38, doi: 10.3897/abs.7.e63131
An orchid (Orchidaceae)-rich area recommended for preservation in Novosibirsk Region, Russia
expand article infoAlexander Dubynin§, Inessa Selyutina, Alexandra Egorova, Mikhail Blinnikov|
‡ Central Siberian Botanical Garden, Novosibirsk, Russia§ Open Laboratory of Conservation Biology, Novosibirsk, Russia| Kazan Federal University, Kazan, Russia
Open Access
The spatial distribution of 14 species of the orchid family (Orchidaceae) was studied at the left bank of the Koynikha River (Iskitimskiy District, Novosibirsk Region, Russia). Four species are listed in the Russian Federation Red Data Book, four are listed in the Novosibirsk Region Red Data Book. The number of individual plants is sufficient to ensure the long-term viability of each red-listed orchid population. What is apparently one of the largest populations of Cypripedium macranthos in the region is described (up to 5,000 individuals). Some of the orchids discovered require further study, namely interspecific hybrids of Dactylorhiza and Gymnadenia and distinctive floral developmental morphs of Platanthera. Аpplying the international criteria for allocation of an “Important Plant Area”, we nominate a new one for South Siberia. Based on the analysis of plant species composition of protected areas in Novosibirsk Region, we conclude that in situ preservation of orchids in the region is overall insufficient. It is therefore necessary to organize a new protected area “Orchid Zapovednik” in the category of “botanical Zakaznik” on 335 hectares with an explicit floral diversity conservation mandate and long-term orchid population monitoring.
Rare species, orchids, protected natural area (PNA), protection of plant biodiversity, Red Data Book, Important Plant Area (IPA)